I’m an independent researcher with background in Economics, Mathematics, and Cognitive Science. My biggest intellectual influences are Scott Alexander and Gwern.

Right now, I think about meta-science, biology and philanthropy. My long-term goal is to make the future humane, aesthetic, and to make it happen faster.

You can contact me at alexey@guzey.com or via Twitter, Telegram, Facebook or VK

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My writing thesis has always been that I want people to learn something useful, to change how they think for the better, and to motivate them to do something differently. Below is my writing categorized by the motivations behind it:


April 30, The Effects on Cognition of Sleeping 4 Hours per Night for 12-14 Days: a Pre-Registered Self-Experiment

April 29, Links for Jan-Mar 2020

February 14, Scientific experiments I want to fund

January 20, Links for Oct-Dec 2019

January 13, My journal: years of depression and self-loathing; learning to accept myself and others; overcoming video game addiction

November 30, Gwern's Most Important Writing (in essays, tweets, book reviews, and other forms)

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