I aim to write things that are useful. My long-term goal is to make the future humane, aesthetic, and to make it happen faster. My biggest intellectual influences are Scott Alexander and Gwern.

You can contact me at alexey@guzey.com or via Twitter, Telegram, Facebook or VK.

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June 30, Why is there only one Elon Musk? Why is there so much low-hanging fruit?

April 30, The Effects on Cognition of Sleeping 4 Hours per Night for 12-14 Days: a Pre-Registered Self-Experiment

April 29, Links for Jan-Mar 2020

February 14, Scientific experiments I want to fund

January 20, Links for Oct-Dec 2019

January 13, My journal: years of depression and self-loathing; learning to accept myself and others; overcoming video game addiction



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