I spend most of my time thinking about tools that expand our ability to think and to imagine.

A pencil and a piece of paper is one. A computer is another. A chat with ChatGPT is yet another one. Is anything inherently difficult? very relevant.

It seems that these kinds of tools & interfaces both:

  1. Very literally determine how and what we think and what we are capable of thinking (think about the kinds of numbers you can multimply in your head vs on a piece of paper; images you can create in your head vs on a piece of paper vs in MS Paint vs Photoshop).
  2. Are very sticky (think about Romans stuck with Roman numerals for a thousand years unable to do any math; Europeans stuck with Latin alphabet and East Asians stuck with hierogliphs for thousands of years – both determing who is able to think in writing and how they think).

What interfaces are to be created now and which civilizational paths they will they guide us towards (and away from)? Always happy to chat about this.

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