I work on New Science, building new institutions of basic science, starting with the life sciences.

Over the weekends, I’m tinkering with GPT-3 and thinking about the course of development of advanced ML systems and their impact, both positive and negative, on science and society in the coming decades.

Please direct New Science-related inquires to alexey@newscience.org. For everything else, you can contact me at alexey@guzey.com or via Twitter.

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December 3, Best of Holden Karnofsky and Sam Altman

November 21, If the moon doesn't need gravity, why do we? The necessity of understanding for general intelligence

November 16, Planes are still decades away from displacing most bird jobs

November 11, Who is the real prophet of longtermism: Will MacAskill or Sam Altman?

November 9, Forecasting humans becoming generally intelligent with biological anchors: year 10,000,000,000,002,2022

October 31, What is the alternative to utilitarianism?

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