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I’m a researcher with a background in Economics, Mathematics, and Cognitive Science. My biggest intellectual influences are Scott Alexander and Gwern.

Right now, I think about meta-science, biology, and philanthropy. My long-term goal is to make the future humane, aesthetic, and to make it happen faster.

If you’re reading this and you do anything biology-related at all, I would love to talk to you and would especially appreciate you getting in touch.

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Ways to contact me

You can contact me at alexey@guzey.com or via Twitter, Telegram, Facebook or VK. Feel free to follow up if I don't respond within a few days.

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Send me your draft

If you’re writing something, feel free to send me your draft and I will do my best to review it, give you my comments, and honestly let you know what I think. Only condition: please limit yourself to 3k words.

(Due to time constraints, no promises on any future draft reviews)

Send me your blog

If you have a blog, I would love to check it out and to give you my feedback!