Most Important Slate Star Codex Posts

Alternatively titled: Giant Pieces of Essential Mental Machinery You Didn’t Even Know You Were Missing

Scott Alexander affected how I think more than any other person I know. This is a collection of his most important writing. His headlines are usually totally uninformative and/or misleading, so I would suggest to just try the links one by one.

Depression, how to live, and finding yourself

As an aside, why do I use and not Internet Archive? Because Internet Archive is not a real archive. The webmaster can write to IA and pull out the archives of their site at any moment.

Book reviews

As another aside, if you find any of these useful and want to make sure you at least sort of remember what they were about, consider using Tab Snooze and snoozing them for 1 then 3 then 12 months into the future (this is basically spaced repetition for the internet).

On the subjectiveness of subjective experience

As yet another aside, if you find that there are too many posts here and you don’t have the time to read all them, consider listening to the Slate Star Codex podcast


…but after you listen a post, make sure to add it to OneNote (my video that introduces OneNote and explains why it’s so good), highlighting most important parts, and Tab Snooze it

Philosophy / Economics / Anthropology

What if there are some issues where rational debate inherently leads you astray?

Bonus: SSC comments

Bonus: Squid314 - Scott Alexander’s old blog

Bonus: Scott Alexander on LessWrong

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