Ignore any paper based on self-reported data

Finally, let me share a bit from my personal experience: since I started my monthly email newsletter, a total of 34 people subscribed and then unsubscribed from it. Out of these 34 people, 6 (17%) told MailChimp that they “did not sign up for this newsletter”. Fun fact: MailChimp tracks every sign up and each one of these people filled out a sign up form on my site.

And of course, don’t miss the study that shows that “93% of teenage boys totally have sex all the time”.

Afterword: yes, the title is an exaggeration. As @dklnt notes on twitter, “self-reported race matches amazingly well with genetic data (>95% of the time)”. My point is that by default we should be way more skeptical of self-reported data than we are right now.

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