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People and Things I Would Fund If I Were a Billionaire


I believe that one of the highest impact uses of money is to pay individuals to critically assess, summarize, systematize, and put into larger perspective new (and old) scientific knowledge. Examples are:

I would fund the development of new scientific tools, as many scientific discoveries arise from utilizing novel tools. For a recent example of how this can be useful, see Open Philanthropy’s funding of Edward Boyden lab’s expansion microscopy, which was rejected by government funding bodies multiple times.

I would also fund writing “good overviews of large, interesting sectors like logistics, fintech, ecommerce, etc.” and “State of X” papers.

Related: A MIRI position for this in ML: “We would like to hire a person whose job it is to be a living library, a walking index into the current field of AI and ML”.

Speculative research

Sarah Constantin’s The Longevity Research Institute.

Bret Victor’s Dynamicland.


Note: if you want to fund any of my friends mentioned here, do message me

A list of microgrants

Thiel Fellowship: $100,000 for people under 23

Einstein Fellowship: “a fellowship for outstanding young thinkers who wish to pursue a project in a different field from that of their previous research. “


Speculative businesses / services


Translations from Russian

Personal fancies

Also see

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