Why (and How) You Should Join Twitter Right Now

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How to start using Twitter

  1. Sign up

  2. Check out the 20 people I like the most tweets from and follow the ones you like the most.

  3. Read Lama Al Rajih’s Twitter guide

Rules for making twitter a wholesome experience

Cool people praising twitter

My experience with twitter

More people praising twitter

A LinkedIn message, an email, and a tweet: a guy got a job by twitter

How Twitter made me a better scientist

Is surfing the internet dead?, Tyler Cowen: “these days you find most things by Twitter.”

On unfollowing people

Ben Casnocha:

There’s no good reason to unfollow someone on Twitter who you know in real life – instead of just “muting” them – unless you care a lot about your following/followers ratio. Which you shouldn’t.

The interpersonal damage of friend noticing you’ve unfollowed them isn’t worth it!

Why Every Scientist Should Be on Twitter

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