Tweet rot

Wikipedia reports the link rot rate of about 5% year. But link rot may affect different parts of the internet differently.

I use twitter a lot and, since I wasn’t able to find any research on tweet rot, I looked at whether the tweets I liked in the past are still available today to determine it.

Here are the results:

I have a gap in my twitter archives about 1 year ago, but based on the numbers above, I would estimate that

Methodology / Caveats


How do I know about the tweets I liked that were deleted?


Best deleted tweets I found*

*without the authors’ names to protect their privacy.

Going back in time to give younger self your wisdom. Younger self is unimpressed, wants to be left alone.

— … February 02, 2017

The bare truth of science:

  1. Nobody believes a computational model except the person who built it.

  2. Everybody believes an experimental measurement except the person who made it.

— … June 28, 2018

We are living in an era of woke capitalism in which companies pretend to care about social justice to sell products to people who pretend to hate capitalism.

— … September 6, 2018


I would like to thank my parents for their archiving compulsions which I inherited wholly.

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