MOOCs I Recommend And How to Study with Them

I’m pathologically unable to read textbooks (get bored too quickly) and my university doesn’t have too many good courses (I had 3 really great ones during my undergrad; 0 during my Master’s). So I ended up taking quite a bit of MOOCs over the years. Here are the ones I would definitely recommend:






How to study with MOOCs?

MOOCs are not a panacea. When you take a university course, you have:

Note that MOOCs don’t provide seminars and office hours, which are frequently even more important than the lectures themselves! When I try to self-study anything I get stuck on material all the time and when I took Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, etc. in the university I visited office hours almost religiously.

What is the alternative to office hours and seminars? It seems that the only viable alternatives are

None of these are perfect.


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