Alexey's Covid notes (September 2022)

not medical advice, etc.

Summary for my future self:

  1. Xlear xylitol nasal spray seems to help and I will be using it 2-3 times per day when I get covid again.
  2. Take throat swabs, don’t bother with nose swabs.
  3. Take antipyretic medication if the temperature keeps increasing when I’m going to bed or if it’s above 38-38.5 degrees and keep it 37.5-38.0.
  4. Drink 0.5 liters of water with salt as soon as I get a positive result and a cup of water 30 minutes before going to sleep to avoid dehydration.
    1. I will systematically not drink enough water due to feeling unwell, especially day one. Combined with high temperature and sweating, this will/might lead to not having enough fluids, resulting in potentially losing consciousness.
    2. Drinking water might make me more nauseous, so I will also drink less than I should due to worrying about throwing up, so I should place a pot next to my bed.
  5. Remember that I don’t distinguish the feeling like I’m about to throw up and like I’m about to lose consciousness consistently, so be prepared for both.
  6. Order more Huel: it’s the easiest way to get calories and I will not want to eat when feeling terrible.

Background on me:

August 2022 Covid infection





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