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Phone Apps I Use

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Why Android and not iPhone?

I use a Google Pixel with clean Android on it. I tried to use an iPhone for about a month and I found it quite literally unusable: iPhone always turns off after ‪3 mins outside at -10C‬ or ‪5 mins outside at -5C‬. Google this if you don’t believe me.

There are also some very unpleasant design choices in iOS:

  1. you can’t manage your filesystem on iOS

  2. you can’t place icons wherever you want on iOS

  3. you can’t export photos without losing your sanity on iOS

  4. you can’t show time with seconds on the notification bar

  5. you can’t turn off animations As Misha Yagudin pointed out to me, you actually can.


Smart AudioBook Player: audiobooks

Pocket Casts: best podcast player for Android. Trims silence, boosts voice, increases the speed up to 3x


Amazon Kindle: for Amazon books

Moon+ Reader Pro: for all other books. This app is amazing


Dropbox: cloud storage for photos (because Google Drive has really dumb sync with Google Photos, e.g. if I delete a photo from Google Photos, then the copy of this photo from Google Drive is automatically deleted)

Google Drive: cloud storage for everything else




AnkiDroid Flashcards: spaced repetition flash cards, a companion to Anki. See my post on Anki here

WolframAlpha: builds graphs, solves equations, etc. A companion to WolframAlpha

Minimal Compass

Maps - Navigation & Transit by Google

Yandex.Metro — detailed metro map and route times: moscow metro map

Yandex.Taxi Ride-Hailing Service


Adobe Acrobat Reader


Gmail: I’m unable to use Gmail’s native app, since my preferred view of the inbox is “unread” at the top, which the app doesn’t allow. Thus, I check mail from the browser when on the phone

Google Keep: note taking. I love this app both for its simplicity and functionality. One of my favorite features is the ability to “pin” selected notes, so that they stay at the top

Inoreader - News Reader & RSS: RSS app. Switched to it from Feedly

OneNote: my long-term knowledge base. A companion to OneNote

Todoist: To-do lists for task management & errands: a companion app to Todoist

WorkFlowy: sometimes, nested lists are pretty useful. A companion app to WorkFlowy


KeePassDroid: password manager. A companion to KeePass 2

ProtonVPN - Free VPN made by ProtonMail: VPN. A companion to ProtonVPN

Social Media / Messengers

Facebook: I dislike Facebook’s official app and check my feed from the browser

Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages: lite version of Facebook’s messenger. I prefer it to the standard one

Telegram: my preferred messenger. PSA: if you want to create a group chat for any purpose, do it on Telegram


WhatsApp Messenger: the old people’s messenger


In order to not get distracted by twitter I have two twitter apps: I can check Flamingo whenever I want, but I’m not allowed to look at notifications / DMs (which is easy, since in Flamingo notificatons and DM don’t have counters); I can check official app only during long breaks and look at notifications / DMs

Flamingo: my favorite twitter client, which doesn’t mess with my timeline. Unfortunately, unpublished at the moment. I’m not aware of good alternatives



CamScanner: for turning paper documents into pdfs

Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna

Image 2 Wallpaper: lets me be extremely specific about how I want my wallpaper to look like

Parrot Voice Recorder

Past Recorder

Snapseed: lets me be extremely specific about how I want the photos I took to look like

Splitwise: makes splitting up the bills / having a joint budget almost effortless

Total Commander - file manager


Flo: my so’s menstrual cycle tracking app. I have it installed as well and it’s really handy

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