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Computer Software I Use

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Note: I’m on Windows. I do really enjoy Windows and I really don’t like MacOS. I largely agree with this article on win vs mac.

Art / Design

Adobe InDesign: resume

Adobe Illustrator: vector drawings

Adobe Photoshop: editing photos

Adobe Lightroom: processing photos


Dropbox: cloud storage for photos (because Google Drive has really dumb sync with Google Photos, e.g. if I delete a photo from Google Photos, then the copy of this photo from Google Drive is automatically deleted)

Google Drive: cloud storage for everything else

Editors / IDEs

Brackets: editing text files and web dev

Windows Notepad: super quick notes

PyCharm: Python IDE (PyCharm is free for students)


LyX: for home assignments and small projects. LyX has two amazing features: it (1) renders LaTeX instantly, (2) has a ton of shortcuts, which speed up writing considerably, e.g. if I want to write “\frac{1}{2}“, in a conventional editor I would need about 13 keystrokes; in LyX it’s 5 keystrokes (Alt + M, f, 1, down, 2). Another example, “\alpha” — 6 keystrokes vs 3 keystrokes (Alt + M, g, a).

Note: I also have several custom shortcuts, which I find extremely useful. See them here. To find your user.bind file, open LyX –> Help –> About. Then navigate to LyX’s directory bind/user.bind.

BaKoMa TeX: for complex LaTeX projects. BaKoMa renders changes immediately, only requiring manual recompilation occasionally, which kills most other LaTeX editors.

Other programs I tried and which suck, compared to LyX and BaKoMa: ShareLaTeX, TexWorks, TeXstudio.



See Chrome extensions I use here


Anki: for things I want my memory be accountable about. (I wrote about Anki here)

Note: the best service to learn touch-typing I know of is The best service to speed typing up I know of is keybr.


VLC media player: video player. Features I use the most: (1) increase / decrease in viewing speed by .1 of the original speed; (2) simple switching of subtitles / audio tracks and the ability to delay them, if either is out of sync with the video; (3) ability to set volume above 100%.


Sumatra PDF: viewing pdfs and ebooks

Adobe Acrobat DC: everything else


Todoist: to do list manager

Reference Management

Zotero: collects references, parses metadate from pdfs, etc.


KeyPass 2: password manager

ProtonVPN: VPN

VeraCrypt: sensitive data storage


AutoHotkey: runs a script that remaps Backspace to CapsLock and “==-” into “—” (link to my script)

Ditto: clipboard manager

Total Commander: file manager for when Windows File Explorer is not enough (e.g. need to mass rename files according to same pattern)

Git Bash: console

T-Clock: lets me configure the tray to display current date in YYYY-MM-DD format

percentage: shows battery percentage in the tray

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