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Computer Hardware and Electronics I Use

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I use Lenovo Yoga 920. As of early 2018 this was the best available laptop in the category.

A close contender was 15 inch Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Note: your next laptop should be a 2 in 1.


I use Google Pixel. As of early 2017 it was the best available phone with clean Android.

As of mid 2018 I would recommend Google Pixel 2.

Computer Mouse

Hackers like to boast about knowing every shortcut and using keyboard for everything, distancing themselves from nontechnical users, who navigate exclusively via gui.

I posit that computer mouse is one of the most important workplace investments you can make – even programming is much more like a videogame (which is played with a mouse), than a command line. The only thing that makes you continue using your laptop’s touchpad and prevents you from buying a mouse right now is status quo bias.

Logitech makes the best computer mice, period. I use Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and I absolutely love it. It has a ton of customizable buttons, it’s super comfortable, and – Logitech’s killer feature – it has hyper fast scrolling wheel. See Linus’s review of it here.

For a wireless experience, check out Logitech G903 Lightspeed.


Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard. It’s no longer produced but I haven’t found a better keyboard. Sculpt is wireless, numpad-free, and slightly ergonomic.


I use Sony WH-1000XM2 (mid 2018).

I chose them instead of Bose QC 35 II or Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS, but it’s a very close call. On Bose you can’t turn off ANC, while Sennheiser has slightly less convenient touch panel, while being most convenient in everyday use.

I use headphones for several hours a day, listening to books / podcasts: during dressing, cooking, cleaning dishes; and in metro to cancel its noise.

Laptop Stand

Isberget from Ikea. Ikea says that it’s a table stand — don’t believe them. This works super well as a laptop stand and a relatively small angle means you can still type on you laptop keyboard while using it!

Previously I had Nexstand from AliExpress.


Doesn’t technically belong here but I don’t care. I have Osprey Pandion 28L and I love-love-love it. Its build quality is excellent, it has a great organization and it has this “Integrated kickstand” thing, which PREVENTS THE BACKBACK FROM FALLING. This is an amazing feature and it means I can forget about always looking for something to support the backpack so it wan’t fall over, and just put wherever I want to.

Previously I had Incase Icon and before that some Atomic backpack.

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