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Chrome Extensions I Use

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Alexa Traffic Rank: shows a bunch of site info, like traffic rank, number of sites linking in, etc.

Archiveror: saves full webpages locally

Category Tabs for Google Keep™: lets filter google keep notes by color

chromeIPass: connects KeePass to Chrome

Emoji Keyboard (2016) by EmojiOne™

Google Dictionary (by Google): lets double click on a word to see its definition and pronunciation

Honey: automatically applies coupons

OneNote Web Clipper: Clips webpages, articles, pdfs, pictures to OneNote

Reading Time: estimates reading time of a web page

Reddit Enhancement Suite: provides a bunch of UI improvements to reddit

SidebarOverflow: removes distractions from StackExchange and StackOverflow

Tab Snooze: schedules a tab to be opened automatically at a particular time in the future

Unread message count hider for Gmail™

Video Speed Controller (h/t Michael Nielsen)

Wayback Machine: lets me easily archive pages I visit and see their past versions

Wikipedia Mobile View Redirect: redirects me to m.wikipedia, since it has better design.

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