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My goal is not to summarize academic reasearch or talk about distributions. I will defer this to Wikipedia and to academics. Neither it is to simply collect anecdotes: for any large enough group, one can find an anecdote to support basically anything. A phenomenon called Chinese Robber Fallacy, introduced by Alyssa Vance [1], popularized by Scott Alexander [2].

My standard, thus, is to cherry pick anecdotes which uniquely represent gendered experience.

Note: If any link doesn’t work, please message me (so I’ll send you a copy) or check any of the internet archives (I saved almost all of the links there).

Note: I do not endorse anything in links below, neither do I offer commentary.

This American Life, Testosterone: “There’s BT and AT, and this was definitely after T[estosterone]. And I became interested in science. I found myself understanding physics in a way I never had before.“, “And I walked past her. And this voice in my head kept saying, turn around to look at her breasts. Turn around. Turn around. Turn around. And my feminist, female background kept saying, don’t you dare, you pig. Don’t turn around. And I fought myself for a whole block, and then I turned around and checked her out.”

Power Imbalances and Sex: “Men want sex from women, really, really badly. Women have the power, particularly in today’s society, to give it to them, or withhold. When women have this Thing that men want, and men have to submit/earn/beg/work/steal to get it, then this creates a fundamental inequality in interactions. The problem is a power imbalance.”

Why Nice Guys Finish Last (Julia Serano): “Any attempts to critique men for being sexually aggressive, or to critique women for fulfilling the role of sexual object, will have a very limited effect. These tactics, after all, fail to address the crucial issue of demand. So long as heterosexual women are attracted to men who act like aggressors, and heterosexual men are attracted to women who act like objects, people will continue to fulfill those roles.”

Comment #171: “Anything, really, other than the curse of having been born a heterosexual male, which for me, meant being consumed by desires that one couldn’t act on or even admit without running the risk of becoming an objectifier or a stalker or a harasser or some other creature of the darkness.”

We Sent a Preemptive V-Pic Before Dudes Could Send Dick Pics. Here’s What Happened.: “Let’s be honest: while I enjoy penises, I don’t necessarily want unexpected visual boners intruding on my day. I wondered, “What would guys do if I turned the tables and sent them an unexpected vagina pic?” And so, in my own twist on revenge porn, I sent 40 unexpected vagina pics to men on Bumble.

Singapore Med School Favors Male Students: “National University of Singapore limits female enrollment because, officials argue, women leave the profession to have babies and this city-state cannot afford to subsidize expensive educations for those who don’t make medicine a lifetime career.”

A Yanomamo Romance: “Two years after Mr. Good arrived there, the headman of the village insisted that the anthropologist, then 34, take 9-year-old Yurima as a bride. Such early marriages are common among the Yanomamo. They are not consummated for some time, if ever. The idea is that when the girl has her first menses, she already has a husband and protector. Single women beyond the age of puberty are routinely raped if they do not have husbands.”

Чернуха, или: такого не бывает (Filth, or: this doesn’t happen) (Google Translate loses a lot but it does translate the most important stuff and it does convey the horrible vibe of the original post: pastebin link)

“1/ When I was in Syria, ISIS women told me how Yazidi slaves had to endure virginity tests, rapes &jealous ISIS wives. Thread in English.👇”

“My undergrad Human Sexuality professor in undergrad had an encyclopedic knowledge about FGM. Spent an entire class period talking about the different types, what they were “for”, how old the little girls were when they had adults they trusted hold them down and cut them up with dull and rusty knives, and how many girls died because of infection or because the person performing the “operation” cut something they shouldn’t have. She told us a story about when she went to an African country on a humanitarian mission when she was still a practicing surgeon.”: Also see wiki on Female genital mutilation.

Trouble at the Koolaid Point: “the first threat had nothing to do with what I actually made or said in my books, blog posts, articles, and conference presentations. The real problem — as my first harasser described — was that others were beginning to pay attention to me.”

“If there is such a thing as male privilege, part of it has to do with how male social hierarchies function. They’re high risk, but also high reward. They scale effectively to large sizes, and they’re kind of ruthlessly competitive, both internally and externally. Their notion of fun and games essentially take the form of simulated or ritualised combat, and that’s how they bond.”

When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy: “Up-and-coming social psychologists, armed with new statistical sophistication, picked up the cause of replications, openly questioning the work their colleagues conducted under a now-outdated set of assumptions. The culture in the field, once cordial and collaborative, became openly combative, as scientists adjusted to new norms of public critique while still struggling to adjust to new standards of evidence.”

Your Pipeline Argument Is Bullshit: “Spend some time on this question: Where did all the senior women go and what are we doing to increase the representation of senior women now?”

No Self-Respecting Woman Would Go Out Without Make Up: “you should wonder: when more women enter a field, it means less men did, and if the men stopped going there, where did they go?  Why did they leave?”

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