Book 20 minutes of my time or send me your draft

Ways to contact me

You can contact me at or via Twitter, Telegram, Facebook or VK.

Book me

If you think that I can be in any way helpful to you, aside from just emailing me, you can also book 20 minutes of my time, so that we could jump on a call and chat about whatever interests you the most.

(Due to time constraints I cannot promise anything more than 20 minutes)

Send me your draft

Or (and), if you’re writing something, feel free to send me your draft and I will do my best to review it, give you my comments, and honestly let you know what I think. Only condition: please limit yourself to 3k words.

(Due to time constraints, no promises on any future draft reviews).

Send me your blog

If you have a blog, I would love to check it out and to give you my feedback!

Thanks to Vipul Naik who, while telling me about his experiences with Cognito Mentoring, inspired me to create this page.